Special Operations C-1200 Inboard

The Boomeranger Special Operations Boats are used in heavy-duty maritime special operations such as covert reconnaissance, infiltration, diving operations, pick-ups, transport escort, and fire support.


C-1200 inboard engine version offers great performance and range for all operational needs. Spacious deck layout and load-carrying capacity allow a variety of equipment to be mounted.

Integrated Comms

Designed to easily allow integration of various operational equipment and navigation & communication systems. Harris SATCOM/V/UHF/HF-radios, Invision/HARRIS/Savox/David Clark-intercom, SeaFLIR EOS, SeaCross inherent navigation, Furuno/SIMRAD navigation systems, etc.

Spacious Deck

Cargo rails allow efficient usage of the deck for various operational equipment and seating. Integrated stowage is well available and integrations for electrical or communication systems are offered.


Material Composite
Length over all 12.00 m
Beam over all 3.60 m
Beam tube deflated 2.70 m
Light weight 5.50 t
Max displacement 9.00 t
Max speed full load 50 kn
Operating range 250 NM
Fuel tank size 1 150 l
Inboard 3 x 370 HP

Aluminum variant, custom layout, propulsion, and integrations are available on request.

All technical details are indicative and subject to project specific requirements.