Fast Rescue Boat C-750 Waterjet

The Boomeranger Fast Rescue Boats provide exceptional operational performance while having the maximal safety and endurance required for support vessels.


Waterjet C-750 integrates functionality and seating in a package that is easy to operate in rough environments.

Integration to mother vessel

Boomeranger Fast Rescue Boats are in operational use on 16 different ship classes including German Navy Frigates and Minehunters, Australian Arafura Class OPVs, and Norwegian Navy Frithjof Nansen Class-frigates, etc.

SOLAS Certified

Certifed according to SOLAS LSA Code and MSC 81 (70) Rules for Fast Rescue Boats on request. Fully integrated to mothership davit or ramp system.


Length over all7.50 m
Beam over all2.75 m
Beam tube deflated2.20 m
Light weight2.50 t
Max displacement3.70 t
Max speed full load30 kn
Operating range100 NM
Fuel tank size300 l
Waterjet292 HP

Aluminum variant, custom layout, propulsion, and integrations are available on request.

All technical details are indicative and subject to project specific requirements.