Modifications & Upgrades

Boomeranger offers service-life extension or capability upgrade of existing small marine crafts of any brand. For example, a new console with modern ergonomics, navigation equipment and shock-absorbing seats, transom rebuild or tube replacement.

Mid-Life Upgrades

Complete upgrade of existing small marine craft hull with new console, deck, tube, engines, electrical system etc.

Systems integration

Legacy systems integration to boat platform (weapon systems, communications and surveillance systems).


Engine upgrades for existing marine crafts.

Deck Rail System

Removing of old deck, replacing with a AISI316L stainless steel counterplate supported deck rails for quick modification of deck arrangements according to mission profiles.


Upgrade of existing console or replacing the console with a new marine grade aluminum or composite console.


Reinforcement or complete renewal of transom for heavier and more powerful engines.


Optimization of boat performance and balance.

Frames and Biminis

Modification or renewal of frames for additional antennas, EO payload etc.


Complete replacement of old hypalon tube with new, upgrade with new strakes, handles, lines etc. or just repair. Air-filled, Air/foam or foam.


Upgrading to shock-mitigating seats, adding more seating, re-cushioning of existing seats.

Fuel System Upgrade

Replacing of old fuel tanks with pressured tested custom made Marine ALU or AISI 316L Grade Stainless steel tanks and new lines and pumps. Single, double/reserve tank systems.

Ballistic Protection

Replaceable aramid composite panels for NIJ levels I, II-A, II, III-A, III and IV.

Non-explosive Fuel Tanks

Self-sealing coating & aluminum mesh balls.